New Year, New Goals

We made it to 2018 folks!  Here we are on the cusp of another year.  Instead of dwelling on what wasn't accomplished last year, I love the idea of setting new goals.  I guess it's akin to "new year's resolutions" -  but I prefer setting goals that are attainable. In the spirit of the new year, I thought that I would share my goals for 2018:

Dear Mom

Last night my son had a nightmare.  He clung to me when I lifted him from the crib wrapping his toes into my sweatshirt and trying to pull me closer than was possible.  I wiped away the tears from his beautiful face and watched as his sobs softened and his grip began to loosen.  My soft hums, the gentle strokes along his hair, the rocking of the chair all did their part to lull him back to his dreams. And in that moment I remembered ...

5 Tips for Introducing Solid Foods

When it came to starting my son on solid foods, I was unsure of where to begin.  I wanted to attempt making his food "from scratch" wherever possible. Initially I found the whole process a bit intimidating.  If you feel this way - don't worry - it can be simpler than it seems with a little help.  Here are a few things that I figured out along the way: